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I write in my journal everyday. For now it's very simple so I can make a habit of doing it.

I find it very helpful to say what I'm grateful for to set the energy for the day. If I say what I'm grateful for right when I wake up, I continue to do it throughout the day. Some days, I write positive affirmations or I ask myself a question to keep asking myself during the day.

Then at the end of my week, I like to reflect on my energy.

I start with "What gave me energy?" I list a few things that really made my week. And after that I say "What drained my energy?" And that's usually where I quickly describe things that threw me off so I can let it go properly.

Then for my mental health, I write down "What is working" so that's habits I do to keep me grounded or feeling safe throughout the day. Then I say "What's not working" so it's more things that cause me to stress out.

After that I reflect on the whole week and give myself a positive affirmation and usually I say, "I can't change what has been done, but I can focus on my next step to move forward".

That's it. Thanks for getting this far and I hope you can use this in your own practice and I hope it helps.

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