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Skin Care Routine

I have really dry skin when it's cold out. So I have to extra moisturize my skin. This probably won't work for you if you have oily skin.

I get up and take a shower or bath depending on the day. I scrub my skin often because my skin usually peels in the winter.

Then I get out the shower and for my skin I always do a LOC or LCO method (liquid, oil, cream/ liquid, cream, oil).

For the body, I make sure my skin is still wet and I use my oil of choice. I pick my oils based on how I want to smell or how it will make my skin feel or look. Usually, it's coconut and grapeseed oil with a little peppermint or lavender.

Then for my face, it gets a bit more complicated. I pull my hair back, take a spray bottle and put hot water in it. I mist water on my face before I put any product on so that my skin stays moisturized without clogging my pores. I use hot water in the bottle so that it feels like it's warm on my face.

I use an oil cleanser and let that sit on my face while I brush my teeth. I remove the cleanser and then add more oil to my face. Nothing too heavy and not too much, I just want to lock in the moisture from the water. Then, I use a bit of moisturizer afterwards so that it really sets in. (I know it seems like a lot but I need to make sure my skin is good for the whole day). Then I use tea tree essential oil to spot treat any acne I may have.

That's it! Thanks for reading this far. I hope it helps you.

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