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Growth: identifying where

We know where we want to be and that's great, but where do we need to start to make it there?

While we're growing, we often dream of where we'll end up after it's over even before we've begun. We imagine ourselves in our ideal bodies and mindsets, wearing our ideal clothes and indulging in our ideal environment. There's nothing wrong with that. It's good to have goals. We just need to know how to get there.

We can say, "I want to eat healthier." And that will be the end of that thought. Or we toss all of the things that we think isn't healthy. Then in two weeks, we're cranky and stuffing those same foods in our mouths.

How do we stop this cycle? We have good intentions so why isn't it working?

It could be many things, but today we're going to talk about planning backwards. We start with our goal and then figure out each step to get there. Starting off at the end of the race and looking at the journey to get there could help with planning the first step.

  1. Start off with identifying the main goal.

  2. Pick an accessible time frame to achieve your goal.

  3. Break that time frame into smaller frames.

  4. Make smaller goals to achieve for each of the time frames.

  5. Identify steps to take to achieve each of the goals effectively.

The ticket is to be specific. We don't want to be vague in our plan. Being kind to ourselves is important but so is being firm. Do everything necessary to make it happen for you.

I hope this helps. Thank you for reading!

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